Virtual Scholarship Coaching For Students and Families


Founded in 2010 by Derrius Quarles, the Million Dollar Scholar, we have developed a model that prepares students from any background to be more competitive for scholarship opportunities.


Our coaches have lived what they teach. Our process is not simply based on logic – its rooted in real experience winning the most prestigious scholarships in the world. Beyond this, our process has been successful for students from all walks of life – to the tune of $25 Million dollars!


The average high school student receives 54 MINUTES of college advising across 4 years of education. This is a disappointing fact. Million Dollar Scholar coaching allows dedicated time to be provided for college and financial-aid preparation topics.

All Coaching Packages Cover

Personal List of Schools

If they don't already have one, we help your student craft a custom list of schools to target that are rated highly for their commitment to financial aid opportunities and affordability for all students.

Institutional Aid Guidance

After your student has their list of schools we guide them to research institutional scholarship and financial aid programs specific to these schools of choice and prepare them to successfully access these opportunities.

Track All Deadlines

To reduce stress and make sure you don’t miss anything we provide your student a system to keep track of the various deadlines they will be bombarded with during the process of acquiring financial aid.

Craft Strong College Essays

The writing students provide within their application will be the single most important component in their evaluation process – we can assist in the drafting and editing process for this very important content.

Scholarship Search

There are a variety of popular online resources focused on helping your student secure scholarships. We aggregate those resources and point you in the direction of some lesser known resources as well.

Resume Crafting

Helping your student convey the activities they have chosen to participate in and their involvement in the community during their time in high schools will be a critical piece of their evaluation for scholarships.

Recommendation Letters

Your student will need to leverage the good word of others to secure almost all of the scholarship opportunities they pursue, we advise them on how to get the best of those who they ask for these good words.

Prep for your Interviews

Some scholarship or financial aid opportunities will require in-person or video interviews if your students makes it to a final round of evaluation. We give them the tips to increase their confidence and leave a great impression.

Post-Acceptance Decisions

Most students will get accepted to multiple colleges and have to make a decision from there. We help your family weigh all the financial consideration involved in narrowing down to the best option.


  • 4 One-on-One Sessions (1 Month)
  • Comprehensive Financial Aid Plan
  • One Essay Edit / Draft Assist
  • Guidance On Securing Recommendation
  • 24 One-on-One Sessions (6 Months)
  • Institutional Financial Aid Plan
  • Four Essay Edits / Draft Assists
  • Tailored Guidance on 20 Scholarship Applications
  • Signed Copy of Million Dollar Scholar Book

Pricing Online Learning

What method is used to communicate for coaching?

Coaching is delivered virtually through videoconferencing and if needed, phone calls. All coaches will have access to a hard drive of resources that they can access from any smartphone, tablet, or computer.

What methods of payment are accepted?

We acceot PayPal, Venmo, and CashApp.

Can I use my coaching hours to get assistance with personal statements?

Yes, each coaching package includes guidance on personal statements and essays.

What if I work for a school wishing to purchase coaching in bulk?

Working with your team would be amazing! Get in contact with our team via email at:

What success has your coaching had for students?

Students we have worked with have gone on to be awarded over $25 million dollars in scholarships and grants for higher education.


In addition to scholarship coaching, we offer a suite of tools to help families and schools ensure that their students are fully prepared to make higher education an affordable endeavor.

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