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Do you help students find scholarship opportunities?

We do not focus on finding scholarships because there are already a number of platforms helping make this process easier and more streamlined. Thus, we focus on the process that starts before and after you have a scholarship or financial aid opportunity you want to secure – which is the bulk (and frankly more difficult component) of the process.

What are the student grades and ages that you work with?

We work with high school and college students. Generally, this is the 15-24 year old age group.

Can I Afford To Use Coaching For Financial Aid?

Definitely. Million Dollar Scholar is committed to creating value for families and schools. Our services our built to specifically be accessible to families from all financial situations. If you think you cannot afford our service, lets discuss how we could partner with your student’s school to bring our services to their student body.

How Early Should I Begin Creating a Financial Plan For My or My Students Higher Education?

The straighforward answer is: as soon as possible. The more in-depth answer is that our extensive research and experience working with youth supports that families should ideally create a concrete plan Freshman year of high school and then ramp up their efforts during the Sophomore and Junior years.

What is the best time to use a Million Dollar Scholar's Coaching Package?

Our extensive research and experience working with students says that the summer between Sophomore and Junior year (year 2 to 3), as well as the summer between Junior to Senior year (year 3 to 4), is the most ideal time to begin using a Million Dollar Scholar Coaching Package.

How Can I Refer Million Dollar Scholar To My School?

Please share our website and provide your point of contact at the school the email: or phone number 404-484-3949 to contact for follow-up.

With The Purchase of 125+ Books A Million Dollar Scholar Workshop Is Complimentary?

Indeed. There will be no other costs for a workshop with your school outside of the books.

is Derrius Available For Speaking Engagements?

Yes. Please contact us via the form below or visit to book Derrius.


For inquiries regarding Scholarship Coaching and Workshops, Bulk Bulk Purchases, and general partnerships the best ways to reach us with an inquiry through the form below or by calling 404-484-3949. We will Get Back To You Within 48 Hours.