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We’ve spent the last five years empowering over 20,000 students across 28 states with our Scholarship Workshops. Incorporating our five-step curriculum into digestible sessions for student audiences, we facilitate experiences that motivate students through the financial aid process. If you are seeking a partner to lead and engaging session at your school or nonprofit – look no further than Million Dollar Scholar.



Let your students hear from an unbiased and authentic third party will provide inspiration on top of leaving them with the information they need to jumpstart their financial-aid success.

Million Dollar Scholar has worked with all types of schools and organizations internationally and can customize our workshop solution to your audience. We are prepared to cover a multitude of topics related to the college preparation and financial aid processes. The curriculum we use to address these topics is rooted in over five years worth of results and data gathered by our team.

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85% of our students secure scholarships.

Our five-year track record is clear – our resources help students fill information gaps and hone their skills in securing financial aid.

$23,000 average extra scholarship dollars.

We help students both identify and successfully secure additional dollars to pay for their higher education.

95% of parents access unknown info

The vast majority of the parents we work with say our services exposed them and their student to info and strategies they were previously unaware of.

100% of our students more motivated.

Research shows that a motivated student is much more likely to achieve – we help schools facilitate this vital initial step.

$20 million in scholarship dollars secured

The pool of scholarship dollars that students who have used our services secure grows larger every school year!

Dozens of Full Ride Scholarships Secured

Our low-cost, high impact tools have helped over 50 low-income students secure full-ride scholarships for their higher education programs.


Application Strategy

We will cover the major topics related to developing a great scholarship application from the writing to recommendations and everything in between.

Concerns of Parents

We can customize workshop content to be specific to student or parent concerns only or a combination of both during a single session.

Free With Books

Our workshops are complimentary If your organization fulfills a bulk order of 125 copies or more of Winning The Scholarship Race – creating even more value for you.

Time Management and Deadline Tracking

Completing numerous applications at the same time becomes difficult to manage when balancing life, our workshop covers tips to address the limited time you have to do work.

One Flat Price

=There will be no additional fees beyond the flat rate quoted for your workshop so your organization does not have to worry about any travel or logistics.



In addition to scholarship coaching, we offer a suite of tools to help families and schools ensure that their students are fully prepared to make higher education an affordable endeavor.

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Personalized one-on-one guidance through the scholarship process.

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Help your student self-direct efficiently through the scholarship process.

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